Trend alert: Brows on ‘fleek’

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It goes without saying that eyebrows on ‘flick’, which means perfect eyebrows, are the biggest thing happening in beauty right now.

Perfectly done eyebrows can make your makeup look flawless.

However, getting your eyebrows done can be a handful.

The most common mistakes ladies make are:

• Over trimming eyebrows
• Using dark strokes for filling in.
• Not shaping their eyebrows.
• Using the wrong colour concealer to their skin colour
• Not blending in the concealer (people should not notice that you used a concealer).

It is extremely important to be aware of how to trim and maintain them and choosing an ideal shape is very important, but so is deciding what eyebrow grooming technique to use.

Final look: File Photo

If you are just getting into shaping your brows, the following tutorials will get you started on the right foot.

Before you can even start, make sure that your eyebrows are nicely trimmed and are in good shape.

Step 1 – Use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows, then shape them with the aid of a pencil in the same colour as your eyebrows

Step 2 – Begin outlining their bottom and then move to their top. Your task here is to make both sides symmetric. So you need to be careful

Step 3 – When the shapes are outlined, take the pencil again and fill them in and brush one more time

Step 4 – Then apply a concealer in a lighter tone compared to your skin tone, around your eyebrows

Step 5 – Clean the top and bottom with a concealer to blend in the concealer.

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