Department of Correctional Services and Fufu Productions rebuild a house in Chiawelo

A prisoner fixing the ceiling.

Leeuwkop Medium C Correctional Centre Prisoners, Fufu Productions and Ward 12 Councillor, Jabu Mnisi made a joint venture to rebuild a house at Chiawelo Extension Three.

According to Mnisi, the owner of the house is very old and is suffering and reconstructing her house has become a major setback as she only depends on her monthly grant to earn a living.

“We embarked on this project after realising that some of the residents in our area are living in the underprivileged areas and we decided to join forces and help where we can.

A resident in blue helping with the rebuilding.

“The project is aimed at giving back to the community and show that some of the prisoners have been rehabilitated and are well trained in construction work and other things that will help them to earn a living when they get out of prison,” said Mnisi.

He said the rebuilding of the house is expected to be done before the end of this month.

Andrew Machate of Fufu Construction said they are proud to become part of the project. He said they circulate in various parts of Soweto identifying deprived houses and revamp them.

“We are also on a mission to give back to the community and the local Councillor is doing a good job in helping us to identify damaged houses.

The house which is under construction.

“We got a call that this house that we are revamping has three years without electricity and the owner has been suffering a lot and that’s why we decided to step in,” said Machate.

He said they are also promoting the skills of the prisoners and will continue to work with them on their projects.

According to Machate, their construction company has been operating for eight years. For now, the owner of the house is kept in a safe place until the house is ready for the handover.

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