Deep House sounds from the Mattrix

Mandla Mashakeni aka Soa Mattrix.

Mandla Mashakeni aka DJ Mattrix (19) born and bred in Diepkloof, Zone Five is a House Dj who majors in Commercial, Deep and Club House Music.

Asked how he earned his moniker, Mashakeni said, “I nicknamed myself Mattrix because I am fast at producing music.”

He discovered his love for music when his dad used to play the guitar.

According to Mashakeni, he would watch his father until he became a master at it. He also plays other instruments like the piano, violin and the drums.

His passion for music is something that he was born with and he hopes that this love will propel him to superstardom.

Mattrix on his keyboard.

Mashakeni said that he fell in love with DJing when his brother started the craft. He was drawn to mixing and soon developed his own style which set him apart from other DJs.

The mixing style that he majors in is SA club house music which is a mixture of electro and commercial house drums.

Mattrix said, “As much as it is fun being a DJ, it becomes difficult if you do not get paying gigs.”

He has played at lounges and a number of different clubs and also produces for artists like Expensive Tone, Tribal Soul, GymArrow, Core Sea, The K-Twins and KaySour.

“I do not have a big enough fan base to sell enough mixtapes or get enough downloads for my tracks, so in order for me to reach that, I need to master all my performances by making sure that my sound is the best and my fans are always happy with the music that they have been longing for.”

DJ Soa Mattrix.

“I do not just DJ, but I want to touch someone’s soul with my music. In order for that to happen, I need to feel it in order for them to feel it too.”

He has released a mixtape titled “All Experience” in 2016 and also owns a record company called Sounds Of Africa (SOA) which was established in 2013.

According to Mashakeni, the label was meant to inspire young producers and vocalists from Diepkloof and now boasts of vocalists, producers, rappers and DJs.

He added,“The label plans to make music while performing internationally for exposure to showcase our style of music.”

He said that there was no difference between a DJ and a producer besides DJing being performed to a live crowd.

He will be releasing a single titled “Hating” which will feature Insane Savages.

Mattrix can be found on Facebook and Instagram @Soa Mattrix or Sounds Of Africa and bookings can be made by calling him on 062 717 2811 or at [email protected]

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