‘We want to be able to move a crowd’

Bheki Radebe.

Young people of Protea Glen, if you can move a crowd, then a small non-governmental organisation (NGO) for young people is looking for you.

Siyavusana is a small organisation by the youth for the youth of young creatives that want to make a difference in the lives of Protea Glen youths.

Bheki Radebe one of the founding members of the new Siyavusana said, “Our aim is to gather all the youth. We have several departments including graffiti artists, fashion-designers, jewellers, poets and writers.”

The NGO had a launch a few weeks ago to introduce themselves to the community.

Some of the clothing made by Siyavusana members.

Their biggest driving force, according to Radebe was that they felt young people no longer had the passion to read, write or express themselves through art anymore.

“A lot of us are separate from each other so we want to be united again and be part of a movement that unites us because if we are not united then I believe that we are not going to have a bright future.

“We need to find a way of keeping that passion going of writing, reading and drawing and being together.”

Radebe said that they wanted to share as many of their ideas as possible, maybe not necessarily to live off their ideas at this stage, but just to groom their individual talents to be able to live off it in future.

Siyavusana currently has no funding or sponsorship but they are using the little they have from their own pockets to make their artwork visionary.

The original group started off with six or seven founding all male members, but they are looking to grow, especially for more female creatives as well.

For now, they have a pop-up show every weekend at the COPESSA container at Faranani Primary School, that is usually used for community dialogues.

Some jewellery on display at the launch.

“So, if there are people who want to join, they can just pop in from 10 am to 6 pm to see what we’re all about and we’ll take down your details.

Right now, we want to create platforms where you can find us online, but we are still trying to gather funds to take it from there.”

Creative visionaries who are looking to inspire through their artwork can contact them via WhatsApp on 061 901 8906 to speak to Bheki or email him on [email protected]

“For now, it’s all about coming together and bringing the best ideas and keeping the abilities going, keeping our skills and sharpening up and I believe everything will come after that.

“I believe that society needs us, we have to take that first step and try to keep that passion going, we want to the youth to be united in the arts,” concluded Radebe.

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