UPDATE+Exclusive Photos: Sasol garage in Bramfischerville still closed, 2 suspects arrested

The police van shot at by armed suspects.

Sasol garage in Bramfischerville Phase One remains closed following the hostage situation where workers were held at gunpoint by ruthless criminals.

Petrol attendants at the garage were held hostage by ATM bombers who demanded that they fuel the two vehicles they were driving up to par during the heist.

One attendant was placed in the storeroom, while the other was forced to fill the car tanks with petrol full.

The suspects were armed. They forced the garage door open to gain access to the shop after one of the employees at the garage tried to close it.

One of the suspects who was shot dead.

Suspects bombed the ATM inside the shop and took an undisclosed amount of money.

As they tried to flee the scene, the suspects were confronted by police who were on patrol. Suspects opened fire, cops called for backup, and luckily members of the K9 Unit didn’t waste any time.

The suspects tried to flee in two vehicles, a Toyota Auris and Toyota Corolla Quetz. One of the vehicles collided into a house and the suspects jumped out and fled on foot.

INSIDE THE POLICE VAN: Blood stains on the car seats.

Two officers were shot, one 30-year-old cop died in hospital, the other 34-year-old officer was wounded but is recovering in hospital. One of the suspects died on the scene during the shootout.

So far, two men suspected to be linked to this crime have been arrested. They were arrested and detained at  Midrand’s Rabie Ridge Police Station after attempts to open a false case.

The arrested suspects claimed that the vehicles used to commit this crime were in fact theirs. They’ve been detained at the police station for further interrogation.

Sasol Garage still closed.

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