What viewers should learn from Alfred Magongwa’s role on Skeem Saam?

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The truth of the matter is ‘we should all learn’ from Alfred Magongwa. Skeem Saam episodes have not only been exciting for many viewers but educational and well informing.

Putla Sehlapelo plays Alfred Magongwa, a man who is ambitious but misguided at times. In the past few days, viewers have learned that Magongwa is in fact in serious debt and has kept this from his wife Celia Kunutu (played by Shoki Sebotsane).

His salary pays for the following:

  • Bond (undisclosed amount)
  • New Mercedes Benz (R6 000 instalment)
  • Teachers’ Stokvel (R1 000)
  • Owes the taxman (hasn’t been paying for the last 3 years)

Although no one can really attest or vouch on his behalf, Magongwa remains adamant to his word that money isn’t a problem and that there’s actually enough to support his family.

His wife (Celia) rebuked the idea of owning an expensive car, because she understood that affordability was in fact a serious concern. She, politely, advised him to return the vehicle to the dealer and possibly get a cheaper one – which he refused.

With the debts weighing in and the walls caving in on him, Magongwa all of a sudden realises that he made wrong decisions along the way and acknowledged how selfish he has been.

On July 21, moments after he had received his pay, Magongwa told his wife that the minute his salary was deposited into his account, the taxman deducted 80% – living him with R2 000.

This remaining balance in his account must pay for the bond, car, stokvel and groceries to name a few.

5 things viewers can learn from his role?

  • Be decisive when it comes to money
  • Draw a budget
  • Spend money on things you can afford
  • If you have a spouse, don’t make decisions alone
  • Differentiate between a ‘Want’ and a ‘Need’
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