Youth stays connected at the Silverton Trio Monument

Monthati Sere and Fisokuhle Matsepe engrossed by the internet.

The BrightWave WiFi at the Silverton Trio Statue in Diepkloof has been helping the youth in the neighborhood stay connected these school holidays since data has gotten so expensive and almost unaffordable.

One of them Fisokuhle Matsepe, a student at Covenant College who often goes to the BrightWave free WiFi to keep himself updated about the media industry.

The free wifi also allows him to download his favourite videos and update his Instagram account.

Matsepe said, “The WiFi helps me with me with my passion for dancing.”

Eric Thwala, the Chief Operating Officer for BrightWave said, “The only reason for our free wifi hotspots in various places in Soweto was to increase the connectivity and connections for all people. We provide the first free 300mb of data per day.”

Even Monthati Sere of Roodepoort High School uses the free wifi and often goes to the hotspot to hang out with friends while surfing the internet.

He said, “I see no shame at all in using the free wifi.”

The BrightWave website explains how they intend to, “Empower society on all levels and to meet day-to-day needs, particularly in the education, health and business environments.

Against this backdrop, broadband access is set to become the new utility service.”

Even music lovers now have no reason to not catch their favourite artist’s fresh new tracks, like Katlego Mabuya who loves Migos so he goes to relax and surf the internet for free at the Silverton Trio Monument.

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