Positivity and effort helps entrepreneur bounce back

Tshepo and Donald on how determination can help change your life.

An entrepreneur has a surprising bounce back after his shop was broken into and everything was stolen because he not only dreamt of being an entrepreneur earlier on in his life, but he put in the extra effort and stayed positively patient.

Tshepo Kgalo from Diepkloof started out in the corporate world working for one of the big retail outlets in the country.

Even though he had a Monday to Friday day job, Kgalo would still go out to help at car washes over the weekend because of his drive and dream.

Now he owns and operates Twin Place Spares in Diepkloof which was almost destroyed by a breaking and entry last year November, he re-opened it in January this year and is well on his way to the top.

He said,“It was terrible after the break in but fortunately we had insurance.”

Twin Place Spares supplies all spare parts for every car plus they even supply service kits.

Tshepo Kgalo and Donald Rakgoadi of Twin Place Spare in Diepkloof.

They do battery fitting, brake pads fixing and the entire servicing of the car immediately. The business has picked up since the last break-in, according to Kgalo.

Kgalo’s journey went from helping car washes for extra income to selling Cd’s in the cold and highly populated streets of Johannesburg, which was not easy and required hard work, but that’s where and how he gained his experience as an entrepreneur.

Donald Rakgoadi has known Kgalo from since they were kids. He helps at the shop and through the process, he has learned a lot of things about business especially cars.

Rakgoadi said, “At first I was clueless about cars and stuff; I couldn’t even install a bulb, but now it’s easy for me, and I know technical things.”

Rakgoadi and Kgalo have even ventured to sell caps as another means of keeping the revenue stream flowing.

“Rakgoadi explained that “The youth should always try out something positive. Even though unemployment may be rife, that’s not a reason to be lazy and complacent.”

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