SwenkXpress at it again

Bongani as he beats the drum.

Swank’ is an urban term used to define the manner in which someone is dressed, usually in a weird unfamiliar way as a society would like to project it.

While Xpress; a shortened way of writing express, conveying a thought of feeling in words or by gesture and conduct.

SwenkXpress is a movement of young creative leaders in their fields and those who do not conform to the norms of society.

They held an event at Mofolo on July 1 as Iqembu Langempela with a way of which they could combine the performing arts, fashion, music and a good time to say the least.

Local fashionistas showcase their craft.

The future of SwenkXpress is one thought that no single mind can hold.

As their concept began in the year of 2014 by a group of six which now has a group of four pupils aiming to encapsulate the raw nature of Soweto as the whole then move on to the country as a whole and eventually the world.

They are hoping for sponsors or some partnering for their next events.

They can be reached on Facebook @IqembuLangempela on Instagram @SwenkXpress, Twitter @SwenkXpress and via their email [email protected]

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Sinenhlanhla Ngubane

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