Future Nation Schools preparing your child for a 21st century future

Future Nation Schools are one of the very few schools in South Africa and Gauteng offering Project-Based Learning as part of their curriculum, allowing for children to be better prepared for their futures.

Eight interesting facts about Project-Based Learning (PBL) to help you better understand what these schools offer:

  1. Students learning their grade level’s content and skills through designing, planning and carrying out extended projects.
  2. Students have to work for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to authentic, engaging and complex questions, problems, or challenges.
  3. Fundamental to PBL is that the students make decisions, both about solutions to the problem and how they work, and what they create.
  4. The point of education is to equip students for the real world and real situations.
  5. Project-based learning integrates seemingly very different subjects – eg. Mathematics, Science, and Robotics are used together to build a hydraulic robotic arm.
  6. At every stage of learning it is shown to the students why it is relevant.
  7. Successful implementation of Project-Based Learning methods requires teachers to assume a guiding role, facilitating students to learn for themselves
  8. The learners are actively involved in their learning and education process.

Mampho Langa, Head of Schools and Spokesperson for Future Nation Schools says, “Be sure to visit one of our next Open Days where you can see our beautiful schools and Project-Based Learning in action as our learners demonstrate their projects and how the process works to all parents and visitors.

“We want our learners to be equipped and ready for what awaits them after they leave school and we believe the best way to do that is through interactive involvement and project-based learning.”

Visit www.futurenationschools.com for more information and to find out about their next Open Day.

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