Justice denied for Makhelwane as Quantum racks up more victims

Simon Makhelwane from Pretoria is the latest victim of the white Toyota Quantum masquerading as a taxi operating within the Meadowlands and Dobsonville areas.

The vehicle has been used to rob unsuspecting commuters of their valuables once they board the ‘taxi’.

Makhelwane said last Wednesday he visited his children in Meadowlands who are now living with their grandmother.

“Every month, I visit my children to buy their monthly groceries. I often catch a taxi at around 7 pm to Jo’burg. The past Wednesday was no different and I boarded a taxi to Johannesburg after our visit.

“I was surprised when I noticed that the taxi headed to Braamfischerville,” explained Makhelwane.

He said the taxi driver stopped towards the entrance of Braamfischerville Township and two other men in the taxi subdued him and another commuter with pepper sprayed directly to their faces. While they were disoriented, they were slapped with beaten abundantly by the ‘taxi operator’s’ henchmen.

“We were then told to lay on the ground and told that we were being robbed. The thugs started searching and took everything in our possession. They took R350, my cell phone, and Identity Document.

“They also took cash and other valuables from the other taxi passenger. They continued beating us and demanded we hand over more valuables items.

    Simon Makhelwane is the latest victim in a spate of robberies on unsuspecting taxi commuters.

“This ordeal lasted for more than an hour,” added Makhelwane. The attackers got into the vehicle, leaving their dazed victims on the ground. Both victims stood up and went their separate ways. Makhelwane rushed to the Dobsonville Police Station to open a case of robbery.

“I reported the incident to the police officers in the charge office. They told me that I wouldn’t be able to open a case because I couldn’t describe the people who robbed me,” added Makhelwane.

“However, he told me that there are several cases reported about the white Toyota Quantum which often robs the passengers. I slept at the police station on the night of June 21.

“Police promised to give me a lift to Pretoria the following day. However, I was allowed to make an affidavit that my Identity Document had been taken by the thugs,” explained Makhelwane.

Dobsonville spokesperson, captain Jeanette Phefo said it is the complainant’s right to open a case at the police station when attacked.

“I will forward complaints to the station management. Police will investigate who was on duty on the day of the incident,” she said.

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