Great entertainment for Soweto

A very strategic dance move.

The Umlazi Jingle Dance Troupe came all the way from KwaZulu-Natal to entertain Sowetans.

They said that they viewed Soweto as a great platform for getting them to the top and on their way to global recognition.

The dance troupe is planning to stay in Soweto until they achieve all they hoped to in the traditional dance sphere.

Umlazi Jingle Dancers dance to the audience at the Bara Taxi Rank.

There are more dancers that are left back in KwaZulu-Natal and they hope to bring them to Soweto if things go well.

They have to survive with the little donations they get when they perform in the stress and are requesting for any form of assistance, be it donations, bursaries or sponsors, anything that can promote them to the next level in the arts.

“We are passion driven not money driven, hence we are persistent with our stay here, the passion first, money last.

“Our main aim is to showcase our talent and entertain the people of Soweto. The spirit remains the same even though we are struggling to get the support. At the end of the day, we are doing what we love,” said one of the dancers.

Some of the dance moves look too dangerous.

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Vicky Mabotha

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