Health Department to address staff shortage at clinics

Director of Primary Health Care, Jabu Rakosa responding to the questions asked by patients.

The City of Johannesburg’s Health and Social Development MMC Mpho Phalatse conducted the all-around visits to the entire City of Joburg clinics in an effort to get to the bottom of the challenges the City of Joburg’s communities are faced with when consulting about their wellbeing.

The MMC started her visits at least four Region D local clinics. That includes Naledi Clinic as the first clinic and took to Protea Glen Clinic and thereafter she went to Green Village and concluded her visit at Senoane Clinic.

While in Protea Glen clinic, Phalatse’s curiosity and enthusiasm of actually unearthing what challenges the community is faced with when visiting the clinic, saw her give a platform for the patients or local public to express their experiences and to give suggestions on what could be done to improve service delivery.

A patient seeking clarity on discussed matters.

Phalatse acknowledged that there really is room for improvement in terms of better services delivery and explained that the challenges will be taken care of and also urged the community to be patient with them.

“We definitely understand your frustrations and we definitely promise to resolve these issues but people should understand that this process will not be an overnight thing.

“We still have areas where there are no health facilities at all and we should also consider or prioritize them getting those facilities hence making sure that ones with facilities already deliver better services,” she said.

In acceptance of the challenges such as patients spending the whole day in clinics, the Health Department indicated that it has not turned a blind eye on the matter.

“The major issues have been that people queue for long hours and that could be a matter of staff shortage but we have been employing staff in an effort to deal with the matter,” explained the Director of Primary Health Care, Jabu Rakosa.

Health and Social Development deployees at the clinic.

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