A random act of kindness towards ‘Coco’

Little Coco.

A small dog found herself in the freezing storm of an evening and was spotted at the robots of Nasrec and Colorado Drive, Riverlea by an animal lover.

Neil Zieller was on his way home with his family when his niece and nephew spotted the dog at the robots during the stormy weather. “As a pet owner, my first concern was to take care of this distressed animal out of the freezing ice cold rainstorm,” said Zeller.

The family then stopped to pick the dog up and took her home to a warm bath and a meal.

Zieller said: “When I found her she was wet and dirty and I initially thought that this be a street dog because she didn’t look that well-groomed and looked after, so she looked a bit malnutrition.”

Zieller explained that his sisters step-son called the little dog ‘Coco’ and she responded to it so that is her name now.

He admits to wanting to get rid of her the next day but she didn’t go anywhere, instead she gave him the ‘puppy-dog eyes’ and that’s when she won Zieller’s heart over.

Since then Coco has been getting love and affection and she’s become a member of the Zieller household. Coco gets on well with the family’s other dog and she has been taken for a check-up at the vet where they found that she’s healthy and has had a litter already.

“So, she’s not really a new dog, she’s an old dog, old dogs are kind of cool, not everyone wants a puppy,” said Zieller.

Zieller now encourages people to be more cautious with their animals and if they can’t do so then the animal is better off at the animals shelters so that they can be put up for adoption.

Little Coco.

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