Moses Mauane Kotane, born on August 9, 1905

Moses Kotane.

The school is named after Moses Kotane to recognise his role in the struggle for liberation.

Moses Mauane Kotane was a South African Communist Party and ANC leader, born on 9 August 1905 at Tamposstad in the Rustenburg district of the then Western Transvaal, now called North West.

Kotane was one of the first that were banned under the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950, but he ignored his banning order to speak in support of the Defiance Campaign in June 1952.

He was arrested with one of the first group of defiers. To many, he was an exemplary leader who did not hesitate to thrust himself forward as an example of militancy.

In December 1952, Moses Kotane was tried with other leaders of the Defiance Campaign and given a nine-month suspended sentence.

In December 1956, he was charged with treason and remained a defendant in the Treason Trial until charges against him were dropped in November 1958.

During 1960, state of emergency, he was detained for four months and in late 1962, he was placed under 24-hour house arrest.

In early 1963, he left South Africa for Tanzania, where he became the Treasurer-General of the ANC in exile.

Following elections held in Tanzania in April 1969, he was returned to the NEC.

Kotane suffered a stroke in 1968 and went to Moscow for treatment, where he remained until his death on May 19, 1978.

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