Lakeview Full Service Primary School gets an upgrade

It’s hard to believe that Lakeview Full Service Primary School started with only four educators, that is a principal, deputy principal, and two teachers.

The school had a roll of 265 learners back then.

“We went to Kliptown and recruited the learners ourselves. The enrolment started to increase and I was made principal in 2009.

Thereafter in 2015, it was turned into a full-service school.

This meant that the school was now able to also accommodate all learners inclusively, regardless of whether they have disabilities or abilities,” said Victor Bilankulu.

Now the school sits at a roll of 1200 and the infrastructure can’t accommodate all the learners.

To alleviate the problem a new kind of Grade R class called Alternative Construction Technology was introduced.

According to Bilankulu what makes these kinds of classes unique is that the temperature inside changes according to the weather.

“When it’s cold outside the classes are warm inside and vice versa. It is quick to build, it’s cost-effective and bigger in size.

“The building of the class began in April and we will be able to use it in June. Once it works out successfully two more Grade R classes will be added,” said Bilankulu.

The classes also come with toilets and showers custom built for the little ones. There’s still more development in the plans.

Rand Water has identified the school and plans to start a garden that will feed the learners after observing that the school is situated by the lake and has very fertile ground.

Bilankulu said another plan on the pipeline is to add a secondary school to ensure that learners continue to enjoy the same services even in high school.

“The land here at Lakeview Primary School actually allows us to expand.

“The Department of Education is on board, a feasibility study has already been conducted. In terms of the plans to start the garden, it will be very helpful because it will save us huge money and we will also attain more money from it.

“The money that was budgeted for the feeding scheme will now be used for other necessities and schools in surrounding areas will come buy from us as well. The children will benefit greatly because they will get nutritious food in turn.”

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