Residents found a woman’s corpse laying in a veld in Tladi

Tladi residents stumbled across a shocking scene of a half-naked woman who was found laying in an open space.

On Monday morning at around 8 am, Naledi police arrested a male suspect aged about 38 for the murder of a 27-year-old female in Naledi, the murder is suspected to have taken place between Saturday and the early hours of Sunday.

According to Naledi Police station communications spokesperson Thulani Mbambala, it is alleged by community members that on Sunday at about 07:00, they had a community meeting at Lekuru street in Naledi regarding the long grasses near the railway line.

While they were busy cutting the long grass, they stumbled upon a half-naked body a woman.

The police were summoned to the scene and upon arrival, they found a half-naked woman laying on an open space next to a certain house at Lekuru street.

Upon further investigations, it was found that there were big stones next to the head of the woman and she also had about three wounds on her neck and a knife was found next to her lifeless body.

The victim was declared dead by the Johannesburg Emergency Medical Services.

The police are not ruling out the possibility that the woman might have been raped before she was brutally killed.

Investigations revealed that the male suspect was the last person who was seen with the victim prior to her death and that they had a quarrel about money.

Naledi SAPS Detectives wasted no time taking the suspect in for questioning and he was not very convincing when answering questions from the investigating officer.

Samples will be taken from both the victim and the suspect in order to positively link the suspect to the murder.

Investigations are still underway.

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