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It’s been a decade since the Thesis Lifestyle Concept Store was officially launched in 2007 at Mofolo Village. We catch up with Wandile Zondo, another half behind the brand, to find out how it has been able to stay relevant.

Q-10 years later, first things first what has been happening?

A-It’s been 10 years of the store but 12 years of the brand. In June 16 we will be having the J16, which is a running and cycling event that consists of a 16 km run or cycle as well as a mini concert to celebrate. The store has evolved, we started by simply selling clothes then we moved to hosting parties, having different designers, running and cycling. It’s been a great evolution, working with different people and brands.

Q-Have you ever had any regrets through the journey?

A-None at all, if I had regretted the store would have been closed probably a long time ago. The path I have taken makes me happy and fulfils me. Q-What would you say to anyone who hasn’t experienced the brand?

A-They have been sleeping on a really dope concept especially if you are from the hood.

Q-Do you feel you have reached your success?

A-No I don’t. The store would have been closed if I had reached my success. There are so much growth opportunities for this store, in terms of growing from one hood to the next, from one province to the next and so on. The ultimate dream is to build an international brand that will inspire kids from different parts of the world. That’s the bigger picture and it hasn’t changed from day one.

Q-How are those plans coming along?

A-Just like any other plan you have to work towards it. It will happen when the time is right. Before this store there were plans and now it exists. We have another store in Kagiso, that was also a plan and it happened.

Q-Your tagline has always been ‘’define yourself’’, define yourself in 2005 – 2007 and define yourself now in 2017?

A-2005- 2007 I was a young boy that had a dream of opening up a store and remained true to myself by really opening that store. 2017 I’m still the same person difference is I have a store that is growing

Q-Do you feel you still have the same fame and reception that you got back in 2007?

A-It’s not really fame, I’ll take it as growth more than fame. When we started we had a following, people were really excited about the store and throughout the years it has evolved. We have managed to tap into different people and the Thesis family is bigger now in terms of the customers.

Q-What have you learned throughout this journey?

A-You must never give up and always believe in yourself. Trust your instincts, work hard and stay hungry. You must also always look for ideas, listen to the kids, learn from different types of people and be humble.

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