Sowetoprosjektet aids Isiseko Primary School

The learners were happy to see the Sowetoprosjektet ladies.

A project from Norway called Sowetoprosjektet – which means Soweto Project- visited Isiseko Primary School at White City.

The purpose of the visit was to donate funds to the school which is used for the feeding scheme and to also assist 4 vulnerable children and orphans in Grade R with their school fees for a whole year, fees of which amount to R5 720.

Isiseko Primary School consists of mostly orphans and vulnerable children. Most of the learner’s parents are also young and unemployed.

The funding obtained from Norway really does go a long way and the principal of the school is always grateful.

“It really is a blessing to be associated with the project from Norway, the money is much needed and it really does assist the school a whole lot.

With the money that we receive we are able to add to the feeding scheme specifically we add fruits and vegetables.

The Department of Education does not give us enough resources, we have to as a school finds a way to get funding, even for sports,” said Menoe Annah Keadimilwe, principal of Isiseko Primary School.

“We also still need to add chairs and tables for the children to sit and enjoy their meal”.

The Norwegians are no strangers to the school, they have been sponsoring it for a decade now and usually visit every 5 years.

Thubelihle Secondary School from White City benefits from the Soweto Project as well.

With Keadimilwe as the principal since last year April, Isiseko Primary School is slowly developing. They have now added a Grade 7 class.

“The parents approached the SGB (School Governing Body) and requested for the school to add a Grade 7 class and so we applied for that last year.

“The support has been phenomenal, we currently have 55 learners for the first ever Grade 7 class in 2017. I want to thank the parents of Isiseko Primary School very much. We also appeal to every parent to come and apply for the Grade 7 class for their children, applications are open,” said Keadimilwe.

“I also want all parents to understand that there’s no difference between education in the suburbs and education in the townships and this school will show that.”

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