Fros, dreads and all things natural

It was a celebration of a black girl’s hair journey this weekend when the Turbine Hall in Newtown hosted the Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo 2017.

The event was inspired by last year’s controversial hair protest at Pretoria High School for Girls following alleged racial comments from white teachers, a group of women has decided to host a hair expo to celebrate natural hair.

Over 700 people attended the one-day event and which featured afros and dreads of all shapes and sizes.

Sello Moleli one of the organisers said, “This was not just a Natural Hair Expo but a platform to re-educate and empower women both young and old to on how phenomenal they are and what better way to bring women together through a celebration of hair.

Actress Talitha Ndima was there as well to show her support.

Moleli said that they believe natural hair is a beautiful crown that makes women feel gorgeous, confident, sexy, unfiltered and most importantly authentic.

42 exhibitors were showcasing at the event, from different wigs for braids and afros to products to help maintain natural hair so it blossoms to the fullest.

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“We felt that in SA we need a platform to celebrate our natural hair.

“We thought that it will also be a great opportunity for women who are in the African hair business to showcase their businesses and what they can offer,” said Khuthatso Lesaona spokesperson of the event.

Lily Million performed at the event, and attendees had the opportunity to find out interesting ways to spruce their crowns up with hair accessories.

Bounce Essential Hair showcasing their ethnic dolls and afro wigs.

“The way we pursue natural beauty is by embracing and loving our natural hair. We do not cover our crowns, but we polish them and wear them with pride.

“We also believe in the women of South Africa and Africa. We are convinced they have a vital role to play in the economy of the continent. “We are brought you the Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo, empowering women, by embracing natural hair, said Moleli.


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