Watch: Man attacked by a mob in Zola 1

A man is fighting for his life after being attacked by the community.

The man belonging to a group of men apparently from Lesotho called ‘marashia’ was attacked after the community was fighting against alleged bogus evictions.

The family house in Zola 1 was sold without the occupants’ knowledge and on that morning, the buyers of the house came and forcefully evicted the family that had been occupying the house.

After forcing the family out with all their belonging left outside, the alleged buyers of the house then left ‘marashia’ to safeguard the house.

By this time, many residents had heard about the matter, hinting it to some community leaders, and in a matter of hours, an angry mob was getting fired up and demanding that the illegal occupants leave the house.

Matters started escalating and ‘marashia’ had no choice but to leave the premise, but their escape was very narrow.

Angry residents started throwing stones at the six men and moments later a full on war of stones had ensued.

According to residents, this was the third time that the group of people has evicted people from their homes.

One member of the so-called ‘marashia’ was captured by angry residents at a house in Zola and was attacked right outside Aurora Girls Secondary School.

The mob beat and dragged the man from the gate of Aurora Secondary school and left him to fight for his life at the open space near the Eskom office in Zola.

The man was later looked after by the police and taken to a hospital.


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