Chiawelo: Tsogang Sechaba helps the needy

Pupils receiving food.

School children go hungry before and after school and that worry some of the community.

Tsogang Sechaba Charity Organisation is doing a great in helping those children who need food during the day, before they go their homes.

The feeding scheme continues to provide nutritious meal to pupils from different primary and high schools in Chiawelo, Mapetla and neighbouring townships to ensure that they never attend school on empty stomachs.

The feeding scheme has contributed to regular and punctual attendance by pupils.

It has also helped pupils stay focused in class because they are not hungry.

“No one can concentrate for a long time in class with an empty stomach,” said one of the employees at the organisation Nonhlanhla Ntuli.

About 300 pupils in five primary and high schools receive the meal.

The organisation not only helps children by providing them with nutritious meal but it also helps fight unemployment by giving jobs to women who prepares meal for the children.

As the country continues to face the sad reality of unemployment and poverty, there is no doubt that feeding schemes are needed in poor areas.

Another employee, Joyce Lekgetho said being employed at the organisation has helped her to maintain her life. “I am able to buy food and take care of my family,” said.

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Hosea Mothei
Sorts Journalist

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