Protea Glen: Ntsika rising beyond his expectations

Ntsika Risa performing on stage.

Protea Glen has had its fair share of aspiring artists, but few have risen to the challenge of shedding the status of trying to make it happen.

Ntsika Rise Colossa has proven that it’s possible and is ready to share his journey with the area.

Soweto is home and charity begins at home; this is where I need to grow myself and get ideas and inspiration from people who I meet every day,” said Colossa.

From the Free State, he moved to Johannesburg in the pursuit of happiness but his thirst for the entertainment industry started at a very young age.

“When I was doing my grade three, I was asked to sing in my class, because of my voice.”

According to Colossa, his parents have always been supportive of his aspirations.

“I was a choir master back then in Free State.”

In 2005 was when he fully entered the industry he joined a group called Rock of Ages that released and album. He then took drama classes and was able to get small parts in leading South African soapies.

That’s what gave him the courage to start his own production company.

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Colossa speaks about how poverty motivates him.

“You see if you can take time fasting unprepared now you’ll know why I am inspired by poverty because I work so hard and I cannot sleep on an empty stomach.”

When asked why he decided to base his company in Protea Glen extension 12, he said that he wanted to inspire young children who share the same visions and values; especially if they see him on television and can still see him walking on the same street as them.

His breakthrough moment in his career was when he got invited three years ago as a guest at a music business workshop.

“I started there to take my craft seriously; because my music is my business. Then I got to perform early last year at Moshito where I shared the stage with Amanda Black, Sjava, Lira, Zonke and other great talented South African artists.”

With challenges such as marketing and lack of capital Colossa has managed to push through it and will be hosting a function at Soweto Theatre on Saturday called Ntsika Rise with friends.

“Expect music, fun and love it’s going to be a different night, you can’t miss it.”

Ntsika Rise hopes to host the IMPI World Series event he’s working on.

Some advice he’d like to pass on to aspiring artists is, “be yourself, avoid bad company and dream harder. Regardless of how you were brought up and where u come from just know there’s something special about you that no man can take from you.”

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