Zola: Parents demonstrate at Thathani Primary School

Parents protesting outside the school.

About 20 parents were demonstrating outside Thathani Primary School in Zola amidst concern over pupil’s treatment and administrative conduct at the school.

The chairperson of the School Governing Body (SGB) responded to the complaints saying that there needs to be a parents meeting where all these issues will be ironed out.

“The parents who are here do not represent a quorum – so there needs to be a unified parents meeting where all these issues will be addressed without any exclusion.

Parents have agreed to this and have submitted a letter expressing their grievances and requesting an official meeting with the school.

Concerns detailed in the letter include; teachers allegedly abusing pupils, the appointment of staff at the feeding scheme, inconsistent appointment and alleged dismissal of teachers, pupils allegedly being sent home without guidance during school hours and pupils being in the streets during school hour.

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Setjhaba Mofokeng

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