Tshepisong protesters hurl rocks, damaging 2 Putco buses

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Two Putco buses were acutely damaged in Tshepisong when angry protesters, demonstrating against electricity cuts, blocked the road and began throwing rocks at them.

The windows on the buses were all broken.

Both buses were carrying passengers to work when the incident took place.

According to Putco spokesperson, Witness Mhlongo, the bus drivers were on their route as usual and didn’t know of the protest taking place in the area.

“Daily, the buses pick-up people from Protea to Tshepisong and all the way to Leratong. This was uncalled for, and we fear for the lives of our customers. What if one of the rocks struck a passenger inside the bus?.

“It would result in people claiming insurance for the injuries and, again, we (bus company) still have to fix the damage caused to these heavy vehicles,” she said.

Mhlongo said buses will not be entering Tshepisong for the duration of the protest.

Themba Vukeya

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