Orlando East: Mboro prays for the Mongwe family

Pastor Mboro.

Celebrity prophet Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng has added his voice in condemning the brutal murder of Tinyiko Mongwe.

Mboro paid a visit to the family this morning to offer his condolences and pray for the grieving family.

“Let us stand united as the community and pray for Soweto because satanism is rife here now. It is only through prayer and unity that we can defeat this thing,” said Mboro.

On his visit, the prophet was accompanied by a few members of his church and some TV personalities.

Tinyiko’s mother Rosina Mosiuoa.

Young and old residents of Orlando East came out to support the family and pray together with Mboro.

“Today we are disarming all Satanists,” said Mboro.

“We should make sure that something like this does not happen again.

“We should continue praying for our children that God protects them.”

The murder of little Mongwe has not only traumatised the family but the whole community of Orlando East and brought the issue of satanism under the spotlight.

Ward Councillor Setchaba Khumalo said Orlando is too social to be notorious for bad things like satanism.

“Let us stand up and unite against all evil things happening in Orlando.

“This is a beautiful place with a rich history, so let us not let it get tainted by satanism,” said Khumalo.

Little Mongwe was laid to rest this past weekend on Sunday.

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The crowd at the family home.

The crowd praying for the family.

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