Rosa Parks Library and Sci-Bono open up career paths

Members of Rosa Parks Youth Club.

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre hosted a workshop to provide young people with IT skills, so they can use those skills to sustain themselves by starting their own businesses related to IT.

The workshop was hosted at Rosa Parks Library in Ipelegeng Community Centre, White City from March 28 till March 31.

“The turnout has been great, the learners have been interested in the course since it began. This course has only been an introduction course but the learners have been very eager throughout the whole process,” said Tshepiso Nkodle, a trainer from Sci-Bono Discovery Centre.

The programmes offered were the IT technical course, which covers the basics of computing such as the technical terms of the hardware and software.

The next course focused on the principles of networking which basically teaches learners about connecting a PC to other PC’s or to a type of network such as the internet.

There was also Web Development, which teaches learners how to develop a website from scratch.

Application Development was also covered, which is about designing your own application or app such as Whatsapp. Photography was also included.

“The reception of the course has been brilliant because the learners have shown commitment and have been grasping every bit of information given to them,” said Zakhele Nkosi, from the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre.

The number of women in IT is still a major concern and the workshop also confirmed that. There were only five women in attendance.

“As a trainer, you always learn something, what we discovered about this group that we trained is that the learners have a few skills.

“There was one in particular who knew how to fix computers, he just did not know the terminology,” said Nkosi.

“The workshop is very informative, all the knowledge we receive also makes us marketable in the workplace.

“We are not just getting skills, it’s more like an enrichment situation where we are getting a tool and the technical know-how. It is highly interactive and fun as well, “said Sizwe Memeza.

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