Chiawelo flats residents live in a stinking area

Ben Mkhabela, Lucy Mathebula and Pinki Zulu stand near the stinking flood at the flats.

Burst sewer pipes at Chiawelo flats have raised a great deal of concern. Residents live in a stinking and flooded area at Block B.

According to one of the residents, Lucy Mathebula who lives near the burst pipe, life is no longer the same since the occasion happened.

Mathebula said she can’t do her washing because the floods are all over and can’t reach the washing line outside her flat.

“I can’t even leave my door opened because of the unbearable smell,” she said.

Mathebula even fears for her 20-month old baby’s health.

According to her, it has been two months since the pipe burst and nothing has been done.

“We have pleaded with the Ward 12 Municipality to help but our efforts proved fruitless,” said Mathebula.

Another resident, Pinki Zulu put a blame to the municipality saying the elected councillor has never availed himself to go and find out about the problems facing the community in that area.

Ben Mkhabela, an old man who is also affected by the stinking floods said he cannot handle the smell and that has caused danger to his health.

“I wish these problems ccould be solved immediately after they occur,” he said.

Ward Councillor, Jabu Mnisi said they are aware of the situation and they will be doing their best to fix the problem.

“I have arranged with the MMC for Housing, Mzobanzi Ntuli to check the area and do our best to deal with the situation very soon,” said Mnisi.

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Hosea Mothei
Sorts Journalist

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