DBE and partners launch P.L.A.Y


“Practice makes perfect” this is one well-known axiom and the Basic Education Department has never overlooked on that matter as it introduced the powerful e-learning program.

P.L.A.Y, which stands for Powerful Learning Around You, is a free in-service training course that provides training to 42 000 Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners, 23,000 Grade R teachers and 85,000 Grade 1 to 3 teachers over the next two years.

It was launched by DBE in cooperation with Cotlands, UNICEF, and the LEGO Foundation. This programme also aims to strengthen the inclusion and utilization of play as a powerful tool and method of early learning and development.

According to the DBE information site: “Evidence shows that a play-based approach to learning allows children to better understand mathematical and language concepts; and to become creative, solution-oriented learners who are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.

“The act of play performs a critical role for children to develop the intellectual, emotional, social and creative skills needed to build the foundation for human development and lifelong learning.”

As a result, P.L.A.Y. will be used to contribute to children’s growth, health, nutrition, and protection as part of national policies, curricula, and programmes for children from birth to nine years old.

On-line registration can be done through any mobile device or computer. This step is then followed by a five-hour face-to-face orientation session. These will be conducted throughout the country, utilizing, amongst others, the Teacher Development Centres as resources.

The initial testing phase was launched by The Council of Education Ministers (CEM) and went live on 09 March 2017 at www.playsa.org.

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