Dobsonville: A nine-year-old raped by neighbour


Dobsonville residents were shocked to find out that a 59-years-old man from Siphiwe Village Hostel raped a defenseless 9-year-old girl on March 11.

The mother, who cannot be named for the protection of the child’s identity, said, “We started noticing strange behavior from our daughter and her walk was different, then we realised there might be something wrong.

“The child was interrogated and inspected by the elders. Our inspection revealed that she was sexually violated. The child later told us that a neighbour locked her in his bedroom and raped her several times,” explained the mother.

The mother of the child said the victim is not coping very well and she often cries when they talk about the incident.

The family of the victim attended the first court proceedings at the Roodepoort Magistrate Court on March 23.

“We hope that justice will take its course,”  said the mother.

On March 17, the enraged Dobsonville residents attacked the suspects and pelted his house with stones.

The suspect ran for his life and handed himself to the Dobsonville Police Station.

Dobsonville Spokesperson, Mzwakhe Xazi said they are disappointed that the residents took the law to themselves when they vandalised the suspect’s property.

Xazi calls for calm and asks the public to allow police to continue with their investigation without interference.

Lebo Mosolodi

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