Sergeant Vincent Mashiteng the man behind the uniform

Often as a resident, one doesn’t pay much attention to the people in uniform that work in public service areas.

These people are seen as just part of the system ready to help when the assistance is necessary.

It may be a nurse, a policeman; a security guard and the like are people that are identified through their uniform and nothing more.

Sergeant Vincent Mashiteng is the communications officer based at the Protea Glen Police Station and has been working within the service for 11 years.

But who is the person behind the uniform, the police vehicle, the badge and the gun. “I’m humble man who has respect for others and a working family man,” said Mashiteng.

A father of two daughters and married, he was born in Mapetla which is where he grew up.

“I was a child who was raised by my mother who was a single parent and my grandmother; my grandfather was a father figure to me. I always had respect for my parents who guided me from childhood. I attended school and coming back from school I had home chores to do, such as cleaning the house and after I would go and play soccer with friends. Later I would do my school work, read and go to bed,” said Mashiteng.

Fondly known as a “Vinny” or “Mavee” in his social circles, Mashiteng enjoys listening different types of music genres such as Afro Jazz, Fusion, Soul, old R&B and deep house; but my favourite music is Afro Jazz/Soul music.

Even though the most challenging part of his job is to change people’s negative perceptions about the police, he finds the positive in his work.

“As communication officer I enjoy working with people during community projects, awareness campaigns and events.

“My most favourite part is the limelight that you as a communication officer when commenting to media enquiries during television, radio and newspaper interviews.”

In his spare time like most men he enjoys watching soccer, but he enjoys being informed with listening to the news, watching movies, reading newspapers and books.

His favourite author John Grisham who wrote his best reads The Testament and The Pelican Brief. Raised as a Mosotho, Mashiteng uses his mother’s surname, but is actually a Swati man which stems from his father’s roots.

Sergeant Vincent Mashiteng.

One of his fondest childhood memories was when he was nominated to go on a fully expenses paid Star Seaside trip to Durban for two weeks in primary school sponsored by a newspaper.

The influence that pushed him to be the man he is today was his passion for assisting people even before joining the police service. He worked as a volunteer at several NGO’s such as Township Aids Project and Society for Family Health.

“After joining the police service I was able to perform crime prevention duties to protect the community and continued with my passion for assisting the community and empowering a lot people, especially youth.”

If he had taken a different career path he would have ventured into business, as he already has started something on the side.

Coming from a party background as a child, Mashiteng now values his family namely his wife, children and the mother who raised him.

“Now I’m a family man and everything I do now is for the benefit of my family,” said Mashiteng.

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