Dispute over house leaves it destroyed in Chiawelo

Destroyed door

The family of Tshiedana in Chiawelo Extension Two has nowhere to live anymore.

Their family house was destroyed and according to Kundie Tshiedana, who lives in the house, the damage was allegedly caused by a man who is known as Nicholas Lukhwareni who claims to be the new owner of the house.

“Lukhwareni hired a gang to come and destroy the house.

“They even took out the whole roof and left the doors damaged.

“The police were on the scene and they did not stop the gang which was busy destroying our home,” said Tshiedana.

He said the same man came the following day to take the window curtains but the community intervened and stopped him from causing yet another damage.

Before the destroying of the house, Tshiedana said Lukhwareni came first with a title deed claiming that he has bought the house from their mother, Anna who now lives in Limpopo.

When they refused to believe him, he brought the gang and they damaged the house.

“He was arrested and later released,” said Tshiedana.

One of the residents, Faith Ndou who was one of the people who stopped Lukhwareni said they are tired of people who take advantage of others and they will take the law into their hands if they do not get the help from the police.

Lukhwareni was not available for comment.

At the moment, the family lives with a neighbour.

Roofless house.

Hosea Mothei
Sorts Journalist

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