There’s a world champion in our Meadowlands neighbourhood

Weitsi Morake a name not popular in the mainstream media but his achievements and accolades are so outstanding that there is no place in his home to put his trophies and medals.

He made a sport that is predominantly played in taverns and pubs into a professional career competing in both national and internationals championships.

Morake a World Opens Blackball Pool champion was born and bred in Meadowlands Zone 3 and matriculated in Westbury Secondary School.

“I started playing pool in 1994 socially and joined a more professional setup with a league in 1996 when I was signed by Impact Pool Club.

“When I was young it was difficult to play Pool as a sport because league matches were played at night, though the times have changed.”

His brother Prince Morake and his late friend Nick Zulu (S.A Champ 1994 & 1998) coached and guided Weitsi at their family restaurant with 1 Pool table.

Prince recruited Weitsi at the age of 12 through his purpose of inspiring black people as the sport was played in white and coloured areas.

According to Weitsi pool is often taken for granted because it does not get enough media coverage like other sports.

“If pool can be covered just like soccer and rugby more people will be interested in the sport and no longer see it as a bar sport,” he said.

Weitsi encountered several challenges in his journey of being the world champion such as finance as they had to raise money for accommodation and transport in order to participate internationally.

“In the past, we had to raise R44 000 ourselves in order to represent our country, but at least now with sponsors available we pay a certain portion.

Weitsi and Prince are asking for local councillors with facilities so that people can be able to play pool.

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Mxolisi Simanga

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