Gay org. to bring class to Soweto

Being young and black is hard enough growing up in the township environment, how much more with a question of one’s sexuality status.

A group of men has decided to start an organisation for gay men, by gay men all about the things a gay man has to deal with and the different spheres of life.

Director of UDIDI Productions, Mandla Magazi said, “This platform will help guys with adopting children because we struggle when we want to adopt or getting married.

“We also want to have a hospice for gay men only, create a safe haven for those who have nowhere else to go.

We will have group talks as well, and we will discuss our rights because there are gay men who are being abused and others are unemployed who need direction on where to go.”

34-year-old Magazi said that he has experienced a lot in his life and understands where young gay black men come from, and he feels he is in the right space of mind to help the younger ones with a platform.

“Being a gay man, we don’t have too many opportunities, I think because I’m a little mature in age and I have been exposed to a lot of sponsorships etc.

The organisation’s name is sentimental to Magazi, “My late friend made the name up, he always used to say to me ‘Mandla you love UDIDI’ and I didn’t understand what he meant until he told me it meant class; the name stuck with me.”

His friend died two years ago, but his memory lives in inside of Magazi.

The organisation will be launching at the end of August once the board has found premises.

“We will be able to accommodate those who have not come out of the closet yet because I’ve seen a lot of painful things happen in front of me, even straight men as well are welcome as long as you are a man.”

“This is the first organisation in Protea Glen, it’s for gay men, but straight men are welcome as well because they will benefit from it.

Please send an email to [email protected] for information.

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Sphindile Mbatha

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