Happy Mosehle story of a break-in at her home in Tladi

Sign of forced entry.

A spate of house break-ins has shocked Tladi residents with seven known theft cases from the same street since the beginning of the year.

The Mosehle family alone has experienced two break-ins since the beginning of February in two of their separate rooms.

Happy Mosehle was the last victim in this spite of robberies, losing valuable possessions such as her fridge, blankets, micro oven, plasma tv, sound system and a washing machine.

“I won’t forget that day.

“I came back home after my night shift and when I approached my door, a sharp shiver came over me and I just couldn’t shake this unbearable feeling off of me.

“I discovered that my burglar door was opened, and my heart started beating faster, with caution, I opened the door.

“When I entered, my room was a mess, the couch had been moved to the door and my bed was a mess as though someone was looking for something under the mattress.

“I screamed alerting everyone around. The funny thing is that no one heard anything,” said Mosehle.

This is where the washing machine was situated.

Television stand where the plasma was taken.

Sign of forced entry.

Setjhaba Mofokeng

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