So Where To? Soweto!

So Where To?

A clothing brand founded by 28-year-old Jeffrey ‘Jef’ Nkosi from Diepkloof, is a brand that embraces Soweto as the biggest township in South Africa and its history while teaching the masses how Soweto is outlined on the map.

The concept in the brand’s name is that the ‘’So Where To?’’ part of it is basically a question asking that from the point you’re, where are you going? Then “Soweto” in this case is the answer.

The map outlines different parts of Soweto, indicating that you have many options to choose from when you’re in the area.

Because Soweto makes up a huge part of South Africa’s history, the brand is recognised even from outside Gauteng.

Tourists from all over the country also support the brand.

“The fact that I get support in and outside the province keeps me encouraged. It is Soweto’s history and lifestyle that makes people want to own “So Where To?’’ branded clothing even when they aren’t from Soweto’’ said Nkosi.

‘’If South African citizens can wear American branded clothing, I firmly believe that my brand is capable of succeeding in the outside countries,’’ he added.

Founder, Jeff.

Nkosi sees himself having a big company selling the brand, giving back to the community of Soweto by creating job opportunities for them through the brand.

So Where to? Clothing is currently available at Slaghuis studios in Diepkloof zone 4 (opposite Diepkloof Square).

For more info visit So where to clothing on Facebook, Twitter, or contact Jeffrey on 072 423 0389.

Founder, Jeff.

Vicky Mabotha

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