Meet Avroy Shlain’s Face of Isara

Tiffany Maitin is the new face of Avroy Shlain's Isara.

A milestone in any model’s career is being chosen to represent a brand or product recognised by millions. Tiffany Maitin (21), has an accomplished modelling CV which belie her tender years.

Signed under Just You Artists and Model Management, Maitin has just been named the face of Avroy Shlain‘s Isara fragrance.

She has been in the modelling industry since age five when her mother signed her to a campaign by Jet Stores and remembers becoming disillusioned after a long stint as a model.

“I grew an intense dislike for the industry and had plans of becoming a forensic scientist and psychologist,” she said.

Her “aha” moment would came later when she was scouted by Kim Myers and invited to New York under the Applause Rising Arts Talent Showcase.

Maitin gushes, “I received eight callbacks and won four awards and had my mind set on making New York my base.”

Understandably this move was vehemently opposed by her parents and Maitin completed her high school career in South Africa before opting for a course through The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance.

Another highlight on a glittering career for Maitin was an invitation to New York fashion week where she walked the runway for Kanye Season 4 in August last year.

The cosmopolitan city would have a lasting effect on her and Maitin added, “New York is amazing, I would suggest that anyone visit the city at least once in their lifetime.”

She is quick to dispel the stereotypes that all models are skinny, do drugs and are airheads only interested in the party scene.

“There are plus size models too and as long as you stick to your values and principles, this career path can be very lucrative.”

At a casting on February 28 in Midrand, Maiting was chosen to be the face of Avroy Shlain’s Isara which means gruelling hours on set for her.

As the interview is concluded, Maitin heads to the EldosFM studio to present her show The Fast Lane which airs from 3 pm to 6 pm, Mondays to Fridays, and quotes former president Nelson Mandela who said, “It only seems impossible u ntil it’s done.”

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A few pictures from her extensive portfolio can be viewed below:

Tiffany Maitin.

Tiffany Maitin.

Tiffany Maitin.

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