Baby corpse found on dumping site in Noordgesig

Baby corpse found in bushes.

Residents of Noordgesig are still in shock after the discovery a dead body of an infant on a dumping site on the side of the road.

The gruesome discovery was made by children who were playing on Modder Street this past weekend.

Raven Martin of the Service Delivery Task Team said kids were playing on the street when they started kicking a plastic bag.

“When they discovered what was in the plastic bag, they went to inform the elders but at first no one believed them when they said they found a baby,” said Martin who called Pastor Markus Theunis to come and assist.

Pastor Theunis is the one who called the police and the ward councillor.

“Paramedics told us that there’s a possibility that the baby might have been there for a week because it was dry. I wonder how possible it is for a baby to be there for a week and not be eaten by rats or dogs,” said Theunis.

Ward councillor Brenda Dammie confirmed the incident and said an investigation into the matter has been launched by Orlando police.

The councillor expressed her disappointment over the killing and dumping of a little baby.

“As parents, we should look after our children especially girls. Contraceptives and condoms are free at our clinics. They should be utilised so that we prevent such things from happening,” said Dammie.

The discovery of the dead baby has also raised concerns over illegal dumping sites in Noordgesig and surrounding areas.

The councillor has urged residents to refrain from disposing of their refuse in illegal dumping sites.

“These illegal dumping sites are not only a health hazard but they are now a place for people to dump babies and that’s not good.

“Let us stand together as residents and work towards getting rid of illegal dumping sites in our area,” said the councillor.”

Mzwandile Khathi

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