Perpetrator targets Sydney Maseko Centre learners

Sydney Maseko Community Learning Centre.

In just one week, incidents of robbing, stabbing and rape occurred near Sydney Maseko Community Learning Centre at Jabavu.

It is alleged that two male students were robbed of their school bags and cell phones on February 20th. The school bags were found the next day soaked in rain water.

The following day two female students were allegedly robbed of their cell phones, school bags, and money.

Then on February 23, a male student who resides in Dube was allegedly stabbed in the morning on his way to the centre.

He had stab wounds on his head, hands and one leg – it’s suspected that he was fighting for his life – and was taken to Mofolo Clinic by his educators.

On the very same day, it is alleged that a female student was raped and the description of the suspect is similar to the one that was given by the stabbed learner.

The perpetrator could be the same person in both cases if not all of them.

All these horrific scenes allegedly happen at an abandoned golf course – that used to operate years ago – at the end of Diokane Street behind the Arthur Ashe tennis court.

“These activities have caused terror in the community more especially the learners. They are now afraid to come to the centre,” said Shadrack Mokgoetsi, principal of Sydney Maseko Community Learning Centre.

“We have requested the Moroka Police to patrol the area regularly and they have promised to comply.”

Noluthando Radebe

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