The King Zwelithini graces his Soweto people – Emndeni

King Zwelithile watering a tree he has panted at his school.

The great King Zwelithini of the Zulu land graced learners and Sowetans at his School in Emndeni over the past weekend.

His long overdue presence was in celebration of the School’s 41st-year celebration and to add value to the school and how it contributes to the community.

With thousands of residents to witness his presence and thousands of maidens from all over Joburg, the king was well received with open arms.

“Since our preparation for the king, the kids have been so excited in anticipation to see, so we are honoured to have the great King in our presence.

“Just the idea of him has evoked our deep-rooted traditions with everyone remembering their values and respect,” said the school’s principal Lindiwe Nxumalo.

Panyaza Lesufi (red tie), King Zwelithini, his First Lady and Lindiwe Nxumalo.

The monarch will be celebrating 201 years of leading the Zulu Kingdom, marking one of the longest standing kingdoms in Southern Africa.

In celebrating the kingdom’s existence, the theme this year is to keep peace and grow unity among ourselves as Africans and to help each other to prosper as Africans.

Speaking out on xenophobia, the king made an example of the unity in religious groups such as Muslims, citing how historic segregation has resulted in ethnic and tribal disagreements, even  in a post- apartheid S.A.

He noted that we are not helping to remedy the situation by continuing tribalism and xenophobia.

“Like the Zulu army preparing for war, we need to gather our might, unite and move forward as a single lethal unit.

“When we strike, no force will stand before us and we can turn around our situation as the African nation,” said King Goodwill Zwelithini.


Honorary member of the mayoral committee for the Education Department, Panyaza Lesufi was part of dignitaries and in his address, pleaded that the department would plough back to the school with the aim of a paperless classroom school in the near future.

Panyaza Lesufi delivering his keynote address.

Adding to the MEC Lesufi, the king noted that only well-behaved learners deserve to be invested in.

“I have seen a growing trend of school pupils bunking school to hang out in parks and malls, getting up to no good.

“The department of education will not invest in technology then the next thing the learners don’t use it, they disrespect teachers and gamble with their future.

“I am here to remind you that you are children and therefore you are to stay in school and finish your matric,” said the king.

Girls giving a performance in their traditional attire.

Setjhaba Mofokeng

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