Singing, dancing, modelling and all around fun filled Igugu Primary School 

Buhle Mbuli and Mbongeni Kubheka.

Being carefree and fun was the order of the day at Igugu Primary School- Mofolo – when they hosted their Valentines day event.

This, however, did not mean that the children got away with anything and everything. To add an element of ‘seriousness’, the children were told to first research about the meaning of Valentine’s Day before the event and to research some love poems.

So naturally, the event began with one child from each grade reciting love poems and talking about what they think they know about Valentines.

Karaoke and dancing followed, which was the crowd’s favourite.

A beauty pageant was added into the whole mix. Winning the queen and king positions respectively were Buhle Mbuli, Grade 2 learner and Mbongeni Kubheka, Grade 7 learner.

The crowd itself were the judges, assisted by the guidance of the teachers.

”I’m so proud of the children, the choir was groomed by me. Everyone was on point and they understood what they were doing. They mastered the performances,” said Vuyelwa Maqungo, Events Coordinator at Igugu Primary School.

”I might be blowing my own horn but I groomed them to be the performers that they are now. If any of them were not on point, we as the crowd were just going to ignore them and just start our own little conversations in the corner,” Maqungo said jokingly.

Noluthando Radebe

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