‘Only You’ – at the Soweto Theatre

The Soweto Theatre.

This weekend the Soweto Theatre will be hosting the ‘Only You’ seminar aimed at tackling topics that are often ignored.

The seminar will be based on discovering the basis of our culture and how we as a people got to where we are with our cultural.

The seminar won’t question your cultural identity and participation but will help participants discover how they can influence the evolving nature of our culture.

This seminar, which will take place on February 27, will form part of a series that seek to challenge conventional thinking by focusing particularly on the culture of perception, how we perceive and how our cultural orientation influences the way we perceive.

The seminar aims to ultimately create an understanding of how our minds work and how we can create opportunities to transform the world of work and the world around us. he first installment of the

The first installment of the one-day seminar will begin at 10 am.

For bookings, contact the theatre on 0861 670 670.

Setjhaba Mofokeng

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