Celebs pose with Jabulani shoppers for a good course

Phumeza Mdabe with a shopper.

The Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa (CHOC) celebrated International Childhood Cancer Day with shoppers at Jabulani Mall last week Wednesday.

Their presence at the mall formed part of their on-going campaign to create awareness in communities on the dangers of cancer.

Jessica Nkosi and Phumeza Mdabe were present as ambassadors of CHOC on the day and they too acted as crowd attraction and disseminators of vital information.

Shoppers responded well to the presence of CHOC as ambassadors explained the warning signs and the different kinds of treatment that is available to patients.

“As CHOC we have learned that some warning signs of cancer are similar to childhood illnesses so at times it becomes hard for the parents to tell if it’s a common illness or if it’s a cancer warning sign.

“So having this kind of knowledge puts you in a better position to act against cancer while it is still in its early stages because it’s harder to treat cancer when it is in its advanced stages.

“Internationally, the cancer survival rate if treated amounts to around 90% of patient survival but in South Africa, we are faced with the problem where our survival rate is around 50% and one of the reasons for this low survival rate is the late detection of cancer.

“So the more people are aware of the dangers of cancer, the better the cancers of early detection and treatment which would improve the survival rate of patients,” said Zeldah Jacobs from Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

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Phumeza Mdabe and Jessica Nkosi at Jabulani Mall.

Setjhaba Mofokeng

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