#EldosBreakingDShackles service delivery blitz on course, Eldos

Loud screams rip through the quiet evening air. Music blares from the tavern around the corner, silencing the anguished cries of a mother and child on the receiving end of drunken blows. A blood-curdling cry sends the neighbours over to investigate. Their curiosity awakened too late.

An ambulance arrives to collect a body which has been abused one too many times This year has seen many lives lost due to what certain segments of the community are seeing as commonplace.

That we have become so thoroughly desensitised to the plight of mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins is reflected in the crime statistics which speaks volumes about the marginalisation of women in our community.

The Eldorado Park South African Police Services branch, along with the Eldorado Park Local Drug Action Committee met at the Eldorado Park police station on November 15 to pave the way towards a drug-free community where the rights of woman and children are safeguarded.

In what has been termed a ‘service delivery blitz’, community leaders are partnering with SAPS by taking much-needed services to the hardest hit areas in Eldorado Park.

The campaign will be launched at the police station at 10am on November 26 at the Eldorado Park Secondary School (‘the Blue School) and the police station. A number of dignitaries will be in attendance and residents are asked to come in their numbers to give a voice to the silent cries which go unheard in Eldorado Park.

The soccer field in Extension One is the venue for the second phase of the campaign which will start from 9am to 2pm on November 28 and 29. The third phase will be conducted at Kersiedorp on November 30 and December 1. The last area to be visited will be in Extension Eight at the Little Rainbow Pre-School.

Using the hashtag #EldosBreakingDShackles, the campaign aims to bring services to the people to ensure that the impact is felt long after the marquees have been packed up and the dignitaries have left.

Moreover, community leaders have expressed a desire to ensure that sustainable change is achieved through the compiling of data and the identification of families in crisis.

The 16 Days of Activism campaign seeks to root out the high incidences of violence against women and children through face-to-face contact with victims and the provision of services to those affected. Sergeant Natasha Govender can be heard in the voice clip providing her input.

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Enver Wessels

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