Mlangeni and Lekgetho want to lead again

Councillor George Lekgetho

Councillor Mandla Mlangeni of Ward 49 and George Lekgetho of Ward 44 confirmed that they’ve been elected by the African National Congress who asked them to continue leading the people.


Lekgetho is the ward councillor in Bramfischer Phase One and Two, Mmesi Park and also covers a small part of Meadowlands.


Mlangeni leads Bramfischer Phase Three and Four.


“We are honoured to have been re-elected by the ANC to pursue a change in the wards we’ve been leading for the past five years.


It would be desirable to continue with what we’ve started and to ensure service delivery carries on at the same pace as it has been the case before,” said Mlangeni.


Lekgetho: “This is a deployment by the political organisation – due to the experience and the success we’ve brought as expected by the ANC, we have been re-elected.


“I urge all the people to go cast their vote on August 3 because it is important and because it is their democratic right,” said Lekgetho.

Councillor M, Mlangeni

Councillor M, Mlangeni


Themba Vukeya

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