Man dies in horrific accident

Natalie van Rooyen is grief stricken and pleading with any witnesses to her son's death to come forward.

On October 28, Natalie van Rooyen’s life changed in an instant when her son Lance (21) was killed in a horrific accident on corner of Main Road and 8th Street in Sophiatown.

Van Rooyen doesn’t have any information about what exactly transpired on that afternoon between 5:20 and 6pm.

“I was so upset and trying to get him to the hospital that I don’t remember alot about what the people who had witnessed the accident were telling me,” she says.

At the time despite the severity of his injuries, she remained convinced that he would be ok.

He was taken to hospital but remained in a coma until he passed.

“There was a woman named Chantel who was in the taxi with Lance and witnessed the whole thing. She told me she works for Standard Bank in Florida but I haven’t been able to find her,” says van Rooyen.

Van Rooyen is pleading with any witnesses to come forward and help her piece together the events that led to Lance’s death.

“I desperately need closure. I need to know what happened. He was my whole life. It was just the two of us.

“He’s the reason I found God. He was such an amazing child and human being. Always listening to gospel,” she says.

Natalie van Rooyen can be contacted on 072 606 7011.

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