October is transport month

The City of Joburg kicks off Transport month in October.

The City of Joburg is out to engage with residents on road safety, public transport and infrastructure during October, the month set aside for transport-related issues.

This year the City’s transport department, the Joburg Roads Agency, Metrobus and Rea Vaya will also be visiting all seven regions to engage with young and old.

“The City encourages people to use public transport,” said MMC Rehana Moosajee.

The idea is to continue to spread the message and get everyone on board, said Moosajee.

“Transport related issues impact on us all and play a significant role in the economy and the quality of life of every citizen,” said Moosajee.

The basis for all engagement will be on promoting the City’s transport values accountability, cooperation, honesty, respect and ubuntu with road safety events to be held at primary schools, industrial theatre planned for high schools, and community leader seminars for adults.

Also on the agenda is Car Free Day on October 20.

Moosajee agreed that in the main, Car Free Day is still poorly supported, with few commuters actually opting for public transport on the day, but she remains positive that the City should continue to carry on with its message for this month: moving Joburg to do more together.

“We want to draw people out of their cars. We want to get them comfortable with the idea of public transport.” The recent 2010 FIFA World Cup event has proven that it can be done, with the City and province transporting most fans to and from games on Rea Vaya buses and with Metrorail, she reminded everyone.

Now, it is about keeping this momentum, she added.

“We really want to focus on the composite transport offering in the City, encouraging the use of the Gautrain, Metrobus, Rea Vaya and Metrorail.

“Car Free Day is not an event, it is a process.”

Reflecting on the road ahead, Moosajee said the City is beginning to see the signs of an integrated public transport system taking shape.

Joburg’s single most important public transport project to date is the Rea Vaya bus rapid transit system is now in Phase 1B and celebrated its first birthday on 30 August this year.

The Rea Vaya system has changed the face of spatial orientation in the City forever, linking parts of the city which were never connected before and now transports about 20 000 passengers a day, particularly on the main trunk route between Soweto and the inner City.

It has recently extended its services by one hour during the week and will also start running services on Sundays for the first time during transport month.

“We will continue to build partnerships with all our stakeholders this month; then we can do just that much more,” said Moosajee.

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